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Common Ballooning Questions

10/07/2017 Jo Bailey News

With the flying season well underway, we are really enjoying taking passengers up to the skies for that memorable experience! If you’re taking a balloon flight with us this flying season, here’s some common ballooning questions that we often get asked by our passengers.


Credit: Doug Noble

What does flying in a balloon feel like and is it safe?

We often get lots of passengers telling us that they are scared to fly. To put it simply ballooning is completely safe. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and all our pilots hold commercial pilot licenses. Ballooning is a feeling like no other because there’s no acceleration or sensation of movement like in a plane or a helicopter. Ballooning is a clam and still experience and you’ll float gently along with the wind.

How long does a balloon experience take?

Ballooning is not an experience to be rushed. You should allow 3-4 hours for the whole experience but the actual time in the air is approximately one hour. Passengers are invited to get involved in the setting up of the balloon and the dismantling after the flight but it’s totally up to you if you want to get involved!

Why does balloon flights happen in the mornings and evenings?

Balloon flights usually take place within two hours of dawn and around two hours before dusk. The reason for this is because at these times of the day, the thermals are most stable and the winds are usually at their lightest.

When is the best time of year to fly?

The ballooning season usually takes place between April-October each year. This is when conditions are usually drier and the weather improves. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather and we can’t predict what the weather will be like throughout the flying season. We always advise passengers to book as early as possible in the flying season and we will always make sure weather conditions are perfect for your flight for your safety and comfort.

What is the best weather for flying?

For a great flying experience we can’t fly when it’s raining as this will damage the balloon envelope and disrupt the weight of the balloon. The visibility also needs to be good. Winds need to be light. Not just on the ground but also 2000ft up in the air! Surface winds need to be below 10mph. If the wind is too stable the balloon won’t fly anywhere and if it’s too fast,  it’s not only risky but your flight would only last around 20 minutes!


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