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Bailey Balloons Fiesta Fleet!

09/08/2017 Jo Bailey News

Bailey Balloons have various balloons that we operate and fly. We have balloons that fly passengers, private flights, filming work and tethering. All of our balloon fleet will be launching from this year’s Fiesta and here is a little guide so that you can spot them!

If you spot any of our balloons, take a photo and tweet us @baileyballoons and use the hashtag #BaileyBalloons.


Bailey Balloons 275 / G-CJXI

This balloon is only a few months old! Its maiden flight was only back in May!


Red Letter Days 375 / G-PRZI

One of two of our Red Letter Days balloons. You won’t miss this one in the arena because when it’s fully inflated it’s HUGE!


Red Letter Days 315 / G-RLDZ

The second of our Red Letter Days balloons.



Anana / G-TOPB

Our Anana balloon has had a very famous passenger in it – Sir David Attenborough! This balloon was used for the filming of the opening sequence of Planet Earth II in Switzerland!

Bristol & West / G-CBNW

This is our baby balloon! It can hold two to three passengers and one pilot. This balloon is mainly used for private flights or filming jobs.


Belvoir Balloon / G-CKFI

The Belvoir Drop is operated by Bailey Balloons for Belvoir Fruit Farms and is flown and tethered at many events up and down the country.


Solar Balloon / G-CIRX

This balloon is the world’s first certified Solar Balloon! It took its maiden flight in August 2015 and is partially powered by the sun and partially by conventional burners.

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