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How to take great photographs of Bath from a hot air balloon

28/09/2017 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

You get a different perspective on Bath from high in the air from a hot air balloon. Many passengers on a flight want to take pictures to remind them of their exciting journey.

What makes a hot air balloon flight over about Bath so spectacular is the great wealth of interesting buildings and countryside that can feature in stunning photos. The Royal Crescents, the open air Roman Baths, Victoria Park, the Kent and Avon Canal – these are all excellent subjects for photographs. Here are some tips on taking better photographs of Bath from a hot air balloon.

Find the best place on the balloon

Space on the basket beneath the balloon is restricted, so it is important to find a good spot to take photos from. Talk to the pilot who, depending on the wind direction, will be able to suggest the best side of the basket to view the sites of Bath you are keen to photograph. Often, a corner position in the basket is best.

Be prepared for changing light condition

Many Bath balloon flights take off at dusk or dawn when the light is dim. On a fine day, when dawn has broken, the light can be very bright. Sometimes the sun may be at your back, at other times it could be in the foreground. Be prepared for varied light conditions, affecting your choice of shutter speeds.

If you want to take pictures of the pilot and your fellow passengers, flash fill may result in the best pictures. If you are used to taking pictures from a tripod, leave it behind as it is cumbersome in the confined conditions of the moving basket.

The light conditions change the appearance of colours, so be aware of contrasting colours. On clear days, a few fluffy white clouds against the solid blue of the sky can make interesting pictures.

Use a long telephoto lens

If possible, attach a long telephoto lens to capture scenes in the Bath area that can only be seen from a distance. The combined heat from the hot air and the cold air outside can result in your lens steaming up, so make sure you check and wipe the lens regularly.

Enjoy the trip!

Don’t spend all your time taking photos; take time to enjoy the trip. Talk to your fellow passengers about what you are experiencing. It’s better to take a few high quality images than lots of hurried shots.

The preparation phase of the flight, when the balloon is being inflated, is a good time to take interesting shots.

A hot air balloon flight over Bath is a unique and exhilarating experience. After you land, your photographs keep the memories of the flight alive. Even without an expensive camera and a long lens, a smartphone can catch some breath-taking images.

So, when taking a hot air balloon ride over Bath, don’t forget to take your camera or smartphone to ensure you have vivid pictures through which to remember your experience.

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