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A hot air balloon ride over Bath – the perfect gift

25/11/2017 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

Christmas is exactly a month away, and it can be difficult to choose a gift for a friend or family member who is special. Buying a loved one a hot air balloon ride over Bath can be the ideal gift.

A shared experience

A hot air balloon ride for two is an exceptional experience. For many people, flying in a hot air balloon is an ambition. After the flight, especially if there are photographs of it, they will talk about the experience, perhaps for the rest of their lives.


For couples, a flight over Bath is a beautiful romantic experience. Bailey Balloons take off from Bath’s Royal Victoria Park, rising slowly in the dawn or dusk air, above the famous Crescents. The Roman Baths, Pump Rooms, and Bath Abbey are clearly visible.

There is a feeling of serenity as the balloon quietly rises into the air, so it’s no wonder that many people pop the marriage question on a hot air balloon ride. The balloon returns to the ground, with the couple officially engaged.

You can join in

If your balloon flight gift is for someone close to you, then you could join in the experience. Sharing the experience of a balloon flight over Bath is a way of becoming closer to a friend, lover or family member.

At the end of a hot air balloon flight, it’s traditional to have a champagne toast. Somehow, after a flight, the champagne tastes better and some consider the toast as the best drink they have ever had.

Special occasions

Special gifts are needed for special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays. A hot air balloon gift flight is the best way to show your appreciation to someone who has gone that extra mile to help you in a difficult situation.

A hot air balloon flight over Bath is the perfect way to mark recovery from a serious illness, or treat someone who is going through a difficult period in their lives.

Thank you

There are many ways to say thank you to a loved one, with flowers, chocolates or a meal in a fine dining restaurant, but a hot air balloon flight says the words in a very special way.

Gratitude perhaps does not require a gift, but to surprise someone special with the unusual thank you gift of a hot air balloon flight expresses your appreciation in a wonderful way.


Though a hot air balloon flight gift voucher is a precious gift, it is not expensive. Prices for hot air balloon flights over Bath start at just £110.

To make your gift extra special, the flight voucher can be delivered in a gift box with a helium balloon, and wrapped with a large bow.

Buy your gift voucher today

You can purchase a Bailey’s hot air balloon gift voucher today. A voucher for a hot air balloon ride over Bath is a wonderful way of saying that a loved one is special to you.

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