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Hot air balloon celebration for Liverpool Cathedral

29/11/2017 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

Liverpool Cathedral recently celebrated a financial donation by hosting a hot air balloon lift from within the cathedral itself.

Hamish Ogston CBE, a British philanthropist and entrepreneur, donated a sum of £384,000 to the cathedral and the contribution was made in order to complete the rejuvenation of the Merseyside establishment’s grand organ, which is the largest pipe organ in the UK.

In order to celebrate the generosity of Ogston, his own hot air balloon was inflated inside the cathedral. The balloon measured 74 feet in height and 62 feet in width when it was fully inflated in the main space of the cathedral. It was lifted to a height of 49 foot during the Thanksgiving service.

The pilot for the event was Robin Batchelor, an experienced balloonist who taught Sir Richard Branston how to fly a balloon. The special flight was also accompanied by music, including a trumpet fanfare composed by George Fenton, who is an Emmy and BATFA award winner. Fenton has also provided music for hit BBC documentaries ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Blue Planet’.

A spokesperson for the Cathedral stated that it had a reputation for being bold in terms of imaging how its main space can be used for both worship and other community events, adding that the balloon flight fit with this ambitious ethos.

Hot air ballooning is becoming more popular amongst the British public, and they too can have the opportunity to view a hot air balloon up close, as many events are held around the country offering hot air balloon rides in Bristol, Bath and beyond.

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