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Reward your top employees with a hot air balloon ride over Bath

02/12/2017 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

A hot air balloon ride is a great way to reward a company’s employees for going above and beyond what’s expected of them.

Bonus or rewards?

Many companies traditionally reward employee performance with an annual bonus. While most employees welcome a bonus, there are several reasons why a nonmonetary reward can be more effective.

An annual bonus is sometimes taken for granted and not seen as anything special. A bonus paid once a year may not motivate workers because of the long delay between a time of high performance and several months later when they receive the bonus for it.

Also, a bonus is not a personalised gift – all staff may receive the bonus at the same time, so no one feels special. Lastly, an employee can feel aggrieved at how much of the bonus is swallowed up by tax, student loan contributions and National Insurance.

Tangible rewards and experiences

Tangible rewards such as tablets, smartphones, and sports equipment can be appreciated by employees, but are not always effective. For example, if an employee already has an up-to-date tablet, rewarding them with a new one may not make them feel special.

An experience can be something that an employee remembers for the rest of their lives. Most people regard a hot air balloon ride as a peak experience that makes them feel special.

Team building

As well as rewarding star employees, a hot air balloon ride can be used as a team building and motivation experience. In the competitive business world, creative and innovative teams are the key to business success. Bringing colleagues together outside of the office can help build team morale.

Our hot air balloons can carry up to 16 people on a shared hot air balloon ride over Bath. This is a peak shared experience that can strengthen a workgroup. After landing, a champagne toast to team success makes for a special bonding experience.

After the flight, each member of the team will receive a certificate signed by the balloon pilot. All balloons have inflight cameras to commemorate the occasion. Businesses can buy Bailey’s Balloon t-shirts for each employee to remember the occasion.

Promote your business

A hot air balloon flight experiences for employees over Bath can be used to promote a company. Photographs from the flight can be displayed on company notice boards, in newsletters and on the website.

Giving a hot air balloon flight says that a company cares about their staff. Customers appreciate a company that looks after its employees, as this can enhance a business’ reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Don’t forget the customers

A business does not have to restrict the giving of hot air balloon flights to its employees. Valued customers and suppliers can be rewarded with balloon gift vouchers too.

Book today

Businesses can buy our balloon gift vouchers for employees to choose their own flight date. For teams, a business can book one or more balloons to fly a group on a specific day (weather permitting).

To celebrate the vital contribution that star employees make to your business, why not treat them to a never to be forgotten hot air balloon flight in Bath?

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