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Proposing in a Hot Air Balloon

25/01/2018 Jo Bailey General, News

When you’re in love it’s like floating on air! You’ll know that they are the right one for you if they can make you feel like you’re weightless again and again. Making that next step – asking that special someone to marry you can be stressful…

If you are looking for a creative and memorable way to ‘pop the question’, why not propose while on a romantic hot air balloon flight? You’ll both be floating, and we’ll help you take the stress out of the day with our recommendation on how to make your proposal successful in the air! After all our Director Clive Bailey proposed to Jo flying over the beautiful Georgian city of Bath Spa at 8,000 feet.

Top Tips for Proposing in a Hot Air Balloon

Proposing in a hot air Balloon

proposal balloon flight

Ways to Propose in a Hot Air Balloon

In the Hot Air Basket

Make the occasion much more romantic and intimate by booking your own exclusive balloon – you, your loved one and the pilot.  After the flight, your pilot will pop the cork of a bottle of champagne, so you can toast the start to your new life together.

On the Ground / With Friends & Family

If you make a sign or a banner, you can surprise your loved one with a romantic ‘Will you marry me?’ sign either on the basket before you get in or just after take off.  Get your friends and family to roll it out on the ground, so when you look down as your floating up to 3,000 feet, it says “Will you Marry Me?”. Your friends and family can follow our ground crew and the balloon, so you can all toast the occasion after the flight!


Happy Couple Engaged

Whichever way you decide to ‘pop the question’, your fiancé will be telling the story of how you proposed for years to come!

Let your Champagne Hot Air Balloon flight be the start of many more adventures to come!

If you need a few more tips and a checklist for planning your proposal, take a look at this handy guide from Sainsbury’s Bank

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