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Hot air balloons take to skies of Penang

01/03/2018 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

The Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta took place over the weekend, giving attendees the chance to watch a number of balloons take to the skies over the Malaysian state.

Penang is located on the north west coast of Malaysia and is a popular destination for holidays. The 2018 Fiesta was the fourth consecutive year that the event has taken place in the capital of Penang, George Town.

The first hot air balloons took to the sky at 7:30am on Saturday 24th February. Balloons of all shapes, sizes and colours filled the sky after taking off from the Penang Polo Ground. A balloon called ‘Little Dog’ was included in this ascent to signify the Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Dog. It was joined by balloons in the shape of a fire engine, a parrot and an owl that goes by the name ‘Owlbert Evenstein’.

Over the weekend, a total of 16 hot air balloons graced the festival, which is endorsed by the state government, Penang Island City Council, Penang Global Tourism and Seberang Prai Municipal Council.

The chief executive of Penang Global Tourism, Ooi Chok Yan, stated that the event drew visitors in their thousands on both days of the Fiesta.

As well as the hot air balloon ascents, visitors were also able to enjoy tethered balloon rides, reverse bungees, trampolines and a Night Glow show.

Hot air ballooning continues to draw crowds in all over the world, causing people to get balloon fever and look at booking their own hot air balloon rides. Bath, Bristol and Gloucester are just some of the popular locations in the UK to fly over.

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