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How to organise a hot air balloon party

18/05/2018 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

People organising parties are looking for original ways to celebrate, and hot air ballooning is one party idea that different and exciting for your guests.

Types of parties/h2>

Balloons are made to be strong, sturdy and reliable, but the maximum number a flight can accommodate is usually 16, so a hot air balloon party is not suitable for large groups. It is ideal for a bride-to-be to take a few close friends on a hen party flight, or for a couple celebrating an anniversary to bring along their extended family.

Whatever the occasion, a hot air balloon party is a great way to celebrate.

Alcohol /h2>

A hot air balloon party is not suitable for a hen or stag party that’s already had a few too many drinks, as there are safety regulations. Any guests that appear to be drunk will not be allowed to fly.

If your party intends to drink, it is better to fly before the heavy drinking starts. As hot air balloons usually fly at dawn or dusk, there will be plenty of time to drink afterwards. A flight usually takes between one and two hours.

After the flight, it’s customary to toast the flight’s success with a glass of champagne, which the balloon operator will provide.

Remembering the flight/h2>

To remember your flight, the balloon operator can present each party member with a certificate and a photo taken on board. There may be a small extra charge for the photograph.

Many party guests will upload photos taken by their phone camera to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook so that they and their friends can see what a great time they had on the flight.

Party guests do not really need physical objects to remember the flight and the party day. A flight in a hot air balloon is so exciting that people tend to have vivid memories of their experience for the rest of their life.

What to wear/h2>

Most balloon flights take place in the warmer months of the year. The balloon can fly between 500 and 2,500 feet. It can feel very cool at high altitudes even on hot summer days. If guests are wearing thin party clothes, they will need to take coats and hats to keep them warm on the flight.

A relaxing experience/h2>

A hot air balloon flight is a serene and relaxing experience, that is at the same time thrilling. For a hen or stag party, it’s the ideal prelude for more active partygoing later. The flight is a time for relaxing and taking in the views of the patchwork fields below.

For the bride-to-be at the hen party, it’s a break from wedding preparations. Time tends to slow down on a flight to make the party day seem that much longer.

Book your party today

The demand for hot air balloon flights can be high, especially in the summer, so it helps to book your party flight early. With summer just round the corner, now is a great time to book.

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