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Top apps for hot air balloon enthusiasts

20/06/2018 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloons are based on a simple and old technology, but modern technology can play a part in the hot air ballooning experience. There are professional apps for hot air balloon pilots and operators, and apps for people who love hot air ballooning.

Below are some of the best:

Hot Air

Hot Air is an app available for the iPad and iPhone which is used by hot air pilots to log flights and track the flight path. Information overlays on real-time maps show power line hazards and safe landing areas. The app will also warn pilots if they are entering commercial airspace. GPS tracking traces the flight path on maps.

Hot Air creates flight logs that can be viewed on Google Earth maps after the flight. The app tracks wind data including wind speed and direction. The app can keep records of all balloon flights or just those made in the last 90 days. Statistics including hours flown, number of passengers, distance travelled, and the number of flights is useful information for pilots and balloon operators.

The data gathered in the app makes it easier to plan future flights.

Balloon Map Pilot

Balloon Map Pilot is an app that sends the current balloon location to the chasers. The chasers’ copy of the map shows precisely where the balloon is at all times. Without the app it is possible to lose sight of the balloon in wood locations or if visibility is low. The app is available for Apple and Android systems.


Wherewolf is an app designed to make hot air balloon operators be more efficient. The app checks in passengers on an iPad, builds a customer database and manages balloon flight manifests. The marketing analysis section provides insights into customers so that marketing campaigns to increase business can be better targeted.

Balloon games

Not all balloon-related apps are for professional pilots and operators. If you want to be reminded of your hot air balloon trip, or just love hot air balloons, why not play a balloon-themed game?

In Hot Air Balloon Simulator, you guide hot air balloons through different worlds, avoiding objects and flying through rings. The game simulates the real-world physics of a balloon flight.

Construct your own hot air balloon in Hot Air Balloon Maker. After you have built your balloon, fly it around the world.

Real world hot air ballooning is peaceful, but Hot Air Balloon: Flying Battle Between Enemy Lines, adds warfare to a simulated balloon flight. From your balloon, shoot planes and enemy troops.

Art and crafts

Hot Air Balloon Tutorial is not, as its name suggests, lessons in flying hot air balloons. It is step-by-step instructions to create balloon models from felt and other textiles.

Daz3D sells 3D files that are used by graphic artists to create scenes for art products or computer animations. Their hot air balloon image files include different materials and balloons in inflated and deflated modes.

Software developers help balloon operators be more efficient, and stimulate the imagination of hot air balloon enthusiasts. Why not dive in to the world of ballooning apps yourself?

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