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How to be reminded of your hot air balloon flight

27/06/2018 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

A hot air balloon flight is a thrilling peak experience people remember for the rest of their lives. If you want more than the memories, here are some suggestions for gifts that will remind you of your flight:


On your flight, you probably took pictures with your camera or phone. Many balloon companies take professional quality photographs of you and your passengers celebrating the voyage with a champagne toast.

As a reminder of your flight, don’t put your photographs in a draw. Instead, proudly display them in a quality photo frame. For a luxurious touch, Harrods sells designer frames from Arthur Price, Riviera and Aerin, but expect to pay between £350 and £550.


If you come back from your hot air balloon flight passionate about all things hot air balloon, you can have a hot air balloon tattoo permanently tattooed on your body to remind you of your flight for the rest of your life.


A less permanent reminder is a hot air balloon cake. You can have one made in the shape of a hot air balloon, or a round cake with a hot air balloon decoration flying out of it.


Many artists have been inspired to paint pictures featuring hot air balloons. You could purchase an original artwork, but a good picture can be expensive. A painting entitled Seascape with Hot Air Balloons by the artist Ralph Cahoon was recently sold in the US for £31,980. Prints are a lot cheaper.


Jewellery featuring hot air balloons makes for a great gift. You can pay as little as £8 at Fat Face for its Hot Air Balloon Stud Earrings, or £225 for a hot air balloon necklace at Alex Monroe.

Virtual reality

An experience that provides an alternative to a hot air balloon ride, and one that operates in all weather, is the virtual hot air balloon ride by Janimation. You put on a virtual reality head seat and climb into a mock balloon wicker basket. You are then taken on a virtual balloon flight where you experience similar sensations to flying in a real balloon. Fans blow hot air to simulate desert winds.

One person who experienced the virtual flight said:

“It’s amazing how I experienced that feeling in my stomach that I get from heights. The feel of the heat and wind was also amazing.”

Jamination is also developing a Jurassic version where you can fly above a dinosaur world. They are exploring the possibility of a zombie-themed balloon ride.

The real thing

Janimation is a Dallas-based company, and as yet has not installed its virtual balloon flights in the UK. This means that it is cheaper to go on an actual hot air balloon flight than go to the USA for the simulated experience.

The best way to keep hot air balloon flight memories alive is to go on another flight. Pictures, photos, VR or gifts, after all, cannot compete with the real thing, so why not book a flight with us today?

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