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Surprise hot air balloon visit for Gloucester bacon sarnie seller

12/12/2018 philip Balloon Ride Innovation

Local balloon enthusiast Thomas Lee gave Gloucestershire residents something to talk about when he landed in a layby near Dursley in South Gloucestershire last week.

The ballooning aficionado and his trainee pilot girlfriend set off for a flight over the striking Avonmouth Docks and the river Severn.

Lee caused consternation on Facebook however when he landed his air balloon in a layby at Gossington on the A38. Residents and passing motorists worried that the pilots had suffered a hiccup or had somehow got lost, but Lee was quick to explain that he and his girlfriend just fancied ‘a bacon sammich’ from the layby vendor.

Lee executed a textbook landing on the layby, which is no surprise considering he has over 10 years of ballooning expertise. He then deflated the balloon, so it was safe to stow away for his trip home.

Hot air balloon fans praised the pilot for the pleasure he gave them watching his balloon soar above the Gloucester landscape. As Lee himself confirmed, the soaring vistas and superlative panoramas that a hot air balloon flight on a crisp winter morning affords are really worth seeing first hand, even if, as Lee might also testify, they can make you build up a bit of an appetite.

If you want to experience these amazing scenes first hand, we are pleased to offer hot air balloon adventures in Gloucester, Bath, and other areas of the South West.

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