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Wisconsinites’ love affair with hot air balloons heats up for 2019

27/12/2018 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

The Hudson Hot Air Affair takes place in early February 2019, with next year’s festival marking its 30th birthday.

To celebrate this significant anniversary, the theme will be ‘Pirates Fly’n the Croix-ribbean’. Attendees expect to see some swashbuckling balloons and pirate-themed entertainment, despite the cold and un-Caribbean climate of Wisconsin.

For the past three decades, the town of Hudson, Wisconsin has played host to an aeronautical display that has delighted visitors the world over. Each year, thousands head to the St Croix River to be wowed by the 35 or so hot air balloons that take to the air there. They are impressed by the remarkable glow display, and enjoy being able to take part in winter games like smooshboarding.

Wisconsin’s love affair with hot air balloons does not stop there though. In nearby Dodgeville, hoteliers at Don Q Inn offers a number of quirky themed hotel rooms, including one with a bed shaped like a hot air balloon where patrons can sleep in the circular gondola beneath it. Alpine frescos on the walls complete the impression of slumbering above the forest canopy.

For those want to get a taste of this ballooning mania for themselves closer to home, Bristol hosts its very own balloon festival every August, meaning aviation fans can experience the wonder of a hot air balloon adventure in Bristol. We also offer hot air balloon flights in Gloucester, Bath, and other areas of the South West.

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