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Ultimate Strongman set to wow hot air ballooning crowds in Shropshire

19/04/2019 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

The Telford Balloon Fiesta is only one year old and already attracts crowds from all over the country. This year, this top-five ballooning event will have something a little special to offer to some of the 30,000 people expected to descend on this West Midlands town.

The national finals of Channel 5’s England and Wales Strongman competition, will visit the festival for the first time.

Visitors can expect to be amazed by herculean shows of strength from Channel 5 stars including the former champion Ben ‘Badger’ Brunning and Guardsman Gavin Bilton from Wales, and defending champion for England, Sean Logan.

Contestants will use the hot air ballooning event to showcase their prowess with log lifting, deadlifts, deadlifts with cars, and carrying 380kg train tracks as far as possible.

Alongside this strapping display of human endeavour, visitors to the May event will be able to look above to enjoy the splendour of balloons filling the Telford skies with colourful balloons. Over 30 balloons of all shapes and sizes are expected to attend from all around the world.

An impressive night-glow is planned for the Saturday night, where balloons use their burners to create a striking light display.

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