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‘Trump Baby’ hot air balloon set to greet president this summer

01/05/2019 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

Protesters have announced plans to take the Trump baby blimp out of retirement as a way to mock the controversial world leader this June. It could even be upgraded to a full-blown hot air balloon, if sufficient funds are found.

With the announcement this week that United States President Donald Trump will be welcomed for a royal visit – including a banquet in Buckingham Palace – this summer, his critics plan for the balloon to make another appearing in the capital.

A deeply divisive character, Trump is criticised by many on the political left for his immigration policies and his climate change denial. Last year, his visit to London attracted 250, 000 protesters including the infamous Trump baby balloon which has also appeared in protests around the world, including Paris and New York.

This time around, organizers hope to raise sufficient amounts of money to float an effigy of the Trump baby as a hot air balloon above the protest. The balloon could be as much as five times bigger than the original blimp.

Of course, flying a hot air balloon in an urban area is not a straightforward thing to organise. Permissions have to be obtained and flight paths agreed, but his critics would no doubt consider these efforts worthwhile

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