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Lord Mayor’s Spectacular balloon bonanza opens June

14/05/2019 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

Each year, the Lord Mayor of London plans a hot air balloon regatta over the centre of the capital to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. The charity works to reduce social exclusion and promote health and well-being initiatives. The appeal has raised money for help with mental health services and for skills and training for young people to gain better access to the workplace.

Last year, various weather problems meant the Regatta did not take place, so locals and balloon enthusiasts alike are hoping that this year the 2019 festival will pass without a hitch and be better than ever.

The Regatta is planned provisionally for each Sunday morning in June. The exact date will be decided based on weather conditions closer to the time, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for auspicious flying conditions.

It is expected that up to 50 colourful balloons will ascend from Battersea Park and soar over the most iconic sites of the capital, including the Thames, the City of London, and Canary Wharf. Previous years have seen balloons representing iconic shops and monuments in London, as well as balloons in unusual shapes, including a lion’s head and a trophy. Ballooning enthusiasts are advised to set their alarm clocks to watch the balloons as they depart at sunrise.

Hot air balloons inspire awe and delight wherever they go. If you want your own taste of the magic of a flight above an incredible landscape, we offer hot air balloon adventures in Bath, Bristol, and other parts of the South West.

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