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York balloon festival gives innovative response to COVID-19 shutdown

02/06/2020 philip Hot Air Balloons in the UK

Lockdown has seen many get-togethers and festivals cancelled – and ballooning events are no exception – but the intrepid organisers of a balloon festival in North Yorkshire have come up with an innovative solution to keep balloonists entertained during lockdown.

Inspired by the North American penchant for the drive-through movies, York Balloon Fiesta – which has cancelled its festival for September 2020 – will be launching a drive-in balloon festival for November 2020.

The Fiesta event itself is rescheduled to May 2021, but the drive-through version will enable attendees to marvel at the balloons, the glow displays, and other visual performances from a responsible social distance in their cars.

When the Fiesta – which is only in its second year – returns for 2021, it will feature music and other live entertainment shows, tribute acts, and a fun fair, as well as the iconic balloon glows that are such a favourite with ballooning fans. Until then, the drive-in festival offers members of the public the opportunity to support the ballooning industry through a challenging time and to delight in these charming vessels from a distance.

Ballooning fans may also be inspired to plan their own hot air balloon adventure. The views over York will be splendid, but the vistas afforded by a hot air balloon flight over Bath, Bristol, or other parts of the South West are sure to delight balloon fans of all ages, when the time comes for the public to safely return to the skies.

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