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Hot air balloons take to Isle of Wight skies

14/09/2020 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

Despite the challenges 2020 has posed to just about all industries, last month’s Sky High Night Glow marked a high point for local ballooning enthusiasts.

The annual August bank holiday bonanza was on fine form and hosted an array of brightly coloured balloons, which soared over the skies of the Isle of Wight.

As any balloonist knows, hot air balloon displays are susceptible to disruption by the weather. This year, the Isle of Wight was in luck as visitors were able to make the most of the three-day ballooning celebration.

Visitors were able to interact with balloon pilots and learn more about this exciting activity. Tethered flights were also on offer. Visitors were also able to take in the beguiling delights of the fire show at the fire stage while enjoying live music. The highlight of the event – the night glow, where balloons play with their burners to light up the night sky – was also a remarkable success.

In order for the event to go off without a hitch, attendees were asked to book their places at the festival, which helped to keep an eye on numbers. Visitors were also all asked to observe social distancing measures in order to make sure that people of all ages could enjoy the event as safely as possible.

As hot air balloons start to take to the skies again, we offer breath-taking hot air balloon adventures over Bath, Bristol, and South Wales.

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