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French DJs take to skies for COVID-secure concert

23/11/2020 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

A group of French DJs has provided a much needed morale boost by hosting an open-air DJ set with a difference.

This month saw French DJ Eduard Canon recruit the skills of DJs Mast and Ned to play an hour-long DJ set from the comfort of a hot air balloon basket. The pair were accompanied by electric violinist Angie, and together the trio serenaded the skies in solidarity with artists and musicians across the world over who are unable to work at the moment.

The gig was recorded by a camera crew following the hot air balloon, and the entire concert has been posted on social media. The film features the rolling vineyards and mountains of the Champagne region, over which this concert took place. Reims is in the east of France and its verdant forests and rolling hills provided the ideal backdrop for the group’s deep house sounds.

With clear skies for the hot air balloon to soar through and pitch perfect sound, the DJs were delighted with the set and hope that it will raise the spirits of fans and artists who have been missing out on club vibes lately.

Hot air balloon adventures can lift anybody’s spirits, and as the DJ group demonstrated, a hot air balloon flight can be the perfect way to shift perspective. In this country, a hot air balloon adventure over Bath, Bristol, or the stunning countryside of the South West can provide an equally uplifting experience.

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