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Daredevil’s latest feat amazes Californian crowds

09/12/2020 philip Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

A thrill seeker with a penchant for skydiving recently captured on film the daring moment when he jumped from the security of a hot air balloon to freefall over the mountains of southern California.

Pro-skater Josh Neuman has a taste for danger, having embarked on 60 skydives. He is known for his numerous daring acts over recent years.

This latest endeavour saw the adrenaline junkie ascend over the Californian landscape in a hot air balloon with his friend and film-maker Spencer Shipman, who captured the moment where Neuman steps over the side of the basket of the balloon and plunges – seemingly without any support equipment – into the air.

“See ya” were the words the adventurer said to the camera as he let go. The toe-curling film has been shared on social media and watched over half a million times. Neuman’s safe landing by parachute was not captured on the film, adding to the drama of the feat, as viewers were left watching him disappear into the distance.

Neuman claims he used to be afraid of heights and took to skydiving to beat his fears. The addition of a hot air balloon in his latest stunt adds a spot of creativity to the facing of his fears.

More serene hot air balloon adventures are a possibility for those who love the thought of exploring the world from above without the freefall experience – such as a hot air balloon experience over Bath, Bristol or another area in the south west.

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