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Can you get married in a hot air balloon?

18/11/2021 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

Adventurous types tying the knot often seek out unique and exciting setting for their nuptials. Among the many options imagined, getting married in a hot air balloon is a suggestion that often gets added to the mental list of brides- and grooms-to-be.

While spectacular urban views can be witnessed on flights by hot air balloon over Bath, Bristol and other celebrated cities, the air above rural scenery also makes for a spectacular setting for an important occasion.

Sadly, here in the UK it is not yet possible for a couple to become legally married while on a hot air balloon ride. However, those seeking an aeronautical theme for their big day can still incorporate these enchanting flying machines into their journey towards wedded bliss. Read on to find out some of the possibilities available other than an in-flight ceremony.

Get engaged on a hot air balloon trip

While you might not be able to tie the knot in the air, there are no legal restrictions regarding popping the question. For those looking to surprise their intended against sunny skies, a hot air balloon flight offers an unrivalled opportunity. Not only does it provide a uniquely memorable proposal, but also provides couples with an exciting story to wow family and friends with.

Those set on doing the asking can coordinate their plans with the hot air balloon pilot, who will be happy to suggest ideal journey points for popping the big question. Private balloon rides can be booked for two people (plus an expert pilot) for intimate occasions, but those who want friends and relations to be present can book a group flight.

What is a tethered balloon?

A tethered balloon service provides a superb setting, amazing views, and entertaining and exciting experiences for your wedding guest. A tethered balloon can be anchored at your wedding venue and take vertical journeys before coming back down to the party. Aside from impressing your guests, it offers an excellent option for fantastic wedding photography. From pictures taken in the hot air balloon’s passenger basket to aerial shots taken from within, tethered balloons can help you fill your wedding album with unforgettable imagery.

A wedding ascent

While a confetti-covered car or carriage trailing ribbons is a common sight when couples leave their wedding day, a hot air balloon exit provides couples with a unique way to bid farewell to family and friends.

What could be more dramatic than rising into the sky above your assembled well-wishers? As they raise a glass of champagne to your new life together, you can enjoy an unimaginable experience of travelling with the breeze on a hot air balloon ride. Just don’t forget to toss the bouquet to your bridesmaids before you go!

While unfortunately UK legislation still forbids a wedding to take place during a hot air balloon flight, you can see that there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the amazing experiences they offer before and after you walk down the aisle.

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