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Cathedral City celebrates 40th birthday with balloon fiesta

23/12/2021 philip Hot Air Balloons at Events

Situated near Palm Springs, California, the desert city of Cathedral City recently celebrated its 40th birthday with its seventh annual Hot Air Balloon Festival and Food Truck Fiesta.

The three-day event took place in and around the city known affectionately as Cat City. The festival usually attracts balloons pilots from all over the world and visitors from all over the local area, and this year was no exception.

Back after a one-year hiatus in 2020, the event kicked off bright and early with a sunrise balloon launch. In the evening, visitors were treated to a traditional balloon glow accompanied by jazz music. On Saturday, children at the event were invited to a free banana balloon candy drop and were able to grab free sweets from the basket of a banana-themed hot air balloon. The final day saw the much-anticipated special shapes parade of balloons. An apple-shaped balloon, a Jack-O-Lantern and Sushi the Goldfish balloon, among others, wowed onlookers as they tucked into their breakfasts.

Throughout the event, visitors were able to take tethered flights to get a taste of balloon life. Live music accompanied many of the events at the festival, and the food trucks that give the fiesta its name were on hand to keep the crowd fuelled. Free ice cream and cookies were amongst the treats that people could partake in.

Those that wish to get a taste of hot air balloon adventures themselves can book hot air ballooning flights over Bath, Bristol and other parts of southwest England.

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