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Why you should consider a corporate balloon ride

23/03/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

The world of business is a highly competitive one and that means companies always need to be on the lookout for a way to gain an edge over their rivals. That applies both to retaining top members of staff and to gaining new business from clients. One way to stand out is to offer experiences that none of your industry rivals provide.

Corporate balloon rides are an example of this and something well worth considering for your business.

Winning new clients

Convincing potential clients to choose your company over others can be tough and traditionally it has involved wining, dining and entertaining them. Most clients will have been through this process before though and be jaded about standard corporate entertainments. Relatively few, however, will have taken a ride in a balloon.

Booking a trip in a hot air balloon over Bath would certainly be something different. You will be treating guests to an exciting overhead view of the city’s many splendid sights, which include Bath Abbey, the Roman-built public baths that gave the city its name, and all of the wider English landscape that surrounds it.

Bath is one of the jewels of England and is set in stunning countryside, all of which can be viewed at a steady pace as you float above it in your balloon. It will make for a memorable experience that ensures your company stands out from the crowd in the minds of potential clients.

Entertaining your staff

A corporate balloon ride can also be a marvellous way of rewarding your employees for good work – or boosting the morale of your team. Taking to the skies over England or Wales in a balloon will be an exciting challenge for your employees and you. That makes it a great corporate team-building exercise as everyone will feel they have participated in something special at the end.

Aside from that, there’s plenty of fun to be had by drifting over the woods and deer park of Ashton Court in Bristol, looking out for deer and other wildlife. All flights are carried out by qualified pilots, making for a thrilling but extremely safe option for entertaining your employees.

It does not matter whether you are running a small or a medium sized company either, as a corporate balloon ride can be booked for groups ranging from two or three people to 100.

At Bailey Balloons, corporate hot air balloon rides are something we are very experienced at handling. Call now to book one for your company.

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