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Give the gift of hot air balloon rides this Christmas

18/10/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

Christmas is a special time of year for most people, and it should be celebrated with something that captures its magic. Something like sailing across the wintry skies in a hot air balloon, for example.

Imagine floating high above one of the great towns or cities of the South West such as Bristol or Bath, looking down on a sea of twinkling Christmas lights and festively frosty countryside. There could hardly be a better way to get into the spirit of the holiday season, or a finer Christmas gift to give to friends or family.

The wonders of the South West

The town of Bath has long been considered one of the most beautiful in England and when it is lit up for Christmas, that beauty is magnified. Seeing Bath Abbey, the Pump Rooms and the celebrated Roman Baths from the air when they are festooned in their festive splendour will make for a Christmas gift that no one will forget.

Nor does the ride stop at Bath itself, as the balloon will move further out to take in the lovely landscapes of Somerset and the villages of Castle Coombe and Lacock.

Bristol is another perfect location for a festive balloon ride. Taking off from the mansion at Ashton Court to explore 850 acres of woodland from the air – including a deer park – will make for a memorable present.

Booking someone you love a hot air balloon in Bristol will allow them to see the city, with its decorations, lights and the wider landscape, from a unique aerial vantage point. It is something they will remember forever.

The best way to book

There is more than one option available for buying someone a hot air balloon trip, but we do recommend considering a gift voucher. There are a number available, including:

Gold ‘Anytime’ Flight – this can be on any day of the week.

Gold Voucher Buy Now Pay Later – this is also valid for all seven days of a week and involves paying only a fraction of the cost upfront.

Weekday Morning Flight – largely self-explanatory, offering morning flights on any weekday.

There are other voucher options as well, for both Bristol and Bath, and a gift voucher allows the recipient to choose a time and ride that most appeals to them.

Contact Bailey Balloons today if you want to buy a hot air balloon voucher as a Christmas gift.

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