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Luxury Bath hotel to introduce hot air balloon experiences for guests

11/01/2023 philip Hot Air Balloon Rides

Visitors to one of the UK’s most elegant cities can add a new experience to their holiday itinerary. This month saw the announcement of a new tourist experience hosted by the luxurious The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa situated in one of the most iconic parts of Bath; the Royal Crescent which adjoins the Royal Victoria Park.

During the summer months from April to September, guests will be able to soar above the skyline of the city to experience what Bath has to offer from a bird’s eye vantage point. Bath’s architecture is iconic and well-suited to being explored from the skies. Not only is the Royal Crescent particularly wonderful to explore from above, but the nearby Circus is also similarly special. Other landmarks will include Bath Abbey with its historic spires and the unusual and unique Pulteney Bridge, which is lined with shops and cafes.

Guests will have the opportunity to take in these views accompanied by a glass of bubbly. After that, the hotel will offer guests an elaborate afternoon tea experience in their pristine, manicured hotel grounds. Guests will also be able to enjoy the spa facilities and a night in the hotel. Through introducing these hot air balloon tours, the hotel intends to give guests a superlative vacation experience.

Hot air balloon adventures delight people of (nearly) all ages. If you want to get a taste of exploration by hot air balloon for yourself, we offer hot air balloon flights in the skies over Bath, Bristol and other parts of the southwest.

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