Balloon flights Over Cities


Balloon Flights Over Bristol and Bath

Bailey Balloons provide balloon flights from Bristol and Bath, providing you with a bird’s eye view of the historic architecture and layout of these impressive cities as you drift leisurely over the skyline in a wicker basket. Bailey Balloons are members of Balloons Over Britain and some of our other colleagues also fly over UK cities. Of course with the countries crowded airspace, with airports often sited next to the larger towns and cities this can be difficult, but here are a few links that might be of interest if flying over a city appeals.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides over London

For a short season each year from Late April to mid-August Adventure Balloons provides the only balloon flights over Central London from sites within a mile or so of Picadilly Circus and the Thames. These flights are available on weekday morning only due to the air traffic restrictions that apply to hot air balloons over the capital. 


Balloon Flights over Oxford

With several launch sites in the City of Oxford, Adventure Balloons can provide flights over this architecturally stunning city with its many colleges and surrounding countryside. Like all balloon flights the path taken will depend on the wind on the day but with the available weather information the aim is to provide some flight over the city and an eventual landing in the countryside.


Balloon Flights From York

Take a hot air balloon flight over the ancient city of York. Founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago and used as the country’s capital by the Vikings, there is plenty to see on a balloon ride over York. Europe’s most spectacular gothic cathedral, the medieval city walls, York Railway Museum and the University are just some. As your balloon flight continues further into the Yorkshire countryside you might see Castle Howard, the Elvington Air Museum, boats on the River Ouse or a glider circulating around one of the many ex World War II bomber airfields at Rufforth. For more information about balloon rides over York click here


Balloon rides over Norwich

Set in the heart of East Anglia lies the historic city of Norwich. It has the perfect mix of both old and new architecture to see from the air. Norwich boasts two cathedrals and a Norman castle, not to mention Delia Smiths favourite football club. Depending on wind direction as you leave the city you may drift towards the coast and over the tranquil Norfolk Broads. For more information about these flights click here.


Balloon Flights Over Salisbury

Flying from the county town of Wiltshire with Aerosaurus Balloons provides opportunity to view the Cathedral, which boasts the tallest spire in Britain surround by the cities many period homes. Leaving Salisbury there are stunning views stretching for miles with river valleys, ancient woodlands, numerous hamlets and Roman roads. On a clear day you could see to the north Salisbury Plain full of rich archaeology and featured in artwork by Constable, Stonehenge and the West Wiltshire Downs, to the east The New Forest and to the south Southampton, The Solent and The Isle of Wright. For more information about these flights click here.


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