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Best sights to see from a balloon ride in Gloucestershire

21/03/2014 Jo Bailey Features

Hot air balloon rides are a fantastic way for people to see an environment from a whole new perspective. Floating through the sky above Gloucestershire, hot air balloon passengers will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the South West county and the many treasures located there. Gloucestershire is home to many wonderful landscapes and landmarks which look even more spectacular from above. Below are just some of the awesome sights that may be opened up to the passengers of a hot air balloon ride in Gloucestershire.

Cotswold Hills

The majestic Cotswold Hills are partly based in Gloucestershire in the valley of the River Severn. They provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for the average hot air balloon ride in Gloucestershire. The Hills span a large area – 25 miles wide and 90 miles long – and are recognised for their outstanding natural beauty.

The Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is one of the UK’s most beautiful natural areas. It comprises a triangular area of land surrounded by the River Wye, River Severn and Gloucester on each of its three sides. It is made up of areas of ancient and modern woodland, and is home to a number or rare and beautiful wild birds.

Oolitic Limestone Belt

Lovers of natural stone will delight in flying over the oolitic limestone belt, where they can take in a large area of beautiful limestone in its natural state.

Vale of Evesham

The Vale of Evesham is an area that comprises a flood plain from the River Avon. It is home to the pretty market town of Evesham and is renowned for its market gardening. There will be plenty to see there, should your hot air balloon ride in Gloucestershire take you that way.

Severn Valley

The highly rural Severn Valley is a wonderful place to view from above. It is home to a number of fantastic attractions, including the Ironbridge Gorge, some pretty sandstone banks, and the Severn Valley Railway, which still runs a stream train.

National Trust Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is a National Trust-run area of ancient parkland. Flying above, you will see deer roaming freely, a beautiful 17th century mansion, 270 acres of woodland and gardens, which are home to a number of ancient trees and a stunning wildflower orchard, all of which is within the grounds of the park.

The International Centre for Birds of Prey

Lucky passengers may even fly towards the International Centre for Birds of Prey, where they may be treated to the sight of majestic predatory birds in flight.

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral is certainly a contender for the most attractive cathedral in the UK, and there is no better way to see the cathedral – which was built in the 11th Century – than from the air as you travel on an action packed hot air balloon ride in Gloucestershire.

These are just some of the many sights you may see on a hot air balloon ride in the Gloucestershire area. There are many more stunning attractions you may get to see, depending on where the wind takes you.

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