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What do hot air balloon rides feel like?

18/01/2023 philip Features

It would be fair to say that most people feel there is something magical about flying in a hot air balloon. Even those who have never done so before are aware of it, thanks to movies like the Wizard of Oz and Around the World in 80 Days that associate…

What are the weather restrictions for hot air ballooning?

19/10/2022 Jo Bailey Features

There is no other form of flight that is quite like the experience of drifting in a hot air balloon. It combines the thrills offered by rival types of air travel such as aeroplane or helicopter flights with a serene charm all of its own.

How many passengers fit in a hot air balloon?

20/09/2022 philip Features

Going up into the sky in a hot air balloon over Bath or any other location makes for a very memorable and exciting day out.

Five weird facts about hot air ballooning

30/07/2022 philip Features

If you take to the skies in a balloon, you will be participating in the oldest type of manned aircraft flight. The first balloons were soaring above us over a century

How fast does a hot air balloon go?

28/07/2022 Jo Bailey Features

The experience of floating in a hot air balloon is unlike any other. As the name indicates, these vehicles are powered by

What is the age limit for a hot air balloon ride?

19/05/2022 philip Features

Taking a hot air balloon ride is an experience that no other can quite match. An aeroplane might give you some of the excitement of soaring above the clouds, but the serene drift of a balloon allows you to savour every minute you

International Women’s Day 8th March 2022!

06/03/2022 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, Features, Hot Air Balloon History, Hot Air Balloon Stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are looking back at some of the most influential women in hot air ballooning. As far back as the late 1700s women have been involved in hot air ballooning. After the Montgolfier brothers demonstrated the first ever tethered flight with humans on board in…

Buying a hot air balloon trip as a Valentine’s Day gift

17/01/2022 philip Features

If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life, why not look to the skies? A hot air balloon ride will be a romantic experience your loved one

What is Balloon Ascension Day?

09/01/2022 philip Features

Ask anyone who has taken a ride in a hot air balloon, and they will undoubtedly tell you it is one of the most breath-taking experiences out there. From soaring over busy towns and cities to

The history of the hot air balloon

24/12/2021 philip Features

Hot air ballooning has come on leaps and bounds since it first began over 200 years ago. Popular the world over, incredible achievements and records have been set in the mission to take balloons higher and further. Read on for a brief history of the