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Can I propose in a hot air balloon?

20/08/2021 Mark Features

While UK law currently prohibits marriage ceremonies on a hot air balloon flight, there are no legal issues with proposing while you’re up in the air. One of the most important questions you’ll ever ask in your life demands an epic setting, so what could be more outstanding than asking…

Top Bristol landmarks to tick off sightseeing lists

23/07/2021 amy Features

You might be taking a trip to Bristol or getting to know the area you live in a little better, but either way, taking in a tour of the city’s landmarks is an exciting way to learn about this South West location. From ingenious bridges and impressive parks to famous…

Bristol’s oldest buildings to see by balloon

21/07/2021 Mark Features

Those fascinated by architecture are often drawn to Bristol. Home to a multitude of man-made masterpieces, it is known for its well-built buildings that have been designed to endure. To gain a fresh perspective on Bristol’s architecture, a hot air balloon ride over the city can

Hot air ballooning – the ultimate in social distancing?

23/06/2021 Mark Features

Whether you’re keen to stay safe in the current climate or feel less stressed when others aren’t around, you might find hot air ballooning an ideal activity. An extraordinarily peaceful way to fly under any circumstances, it also offers passengers the ultimate option in socially distancing themselves in these

Can balloon flights now go ahead again?

16/06/2021 Mark Features

Spotting a hot air balloon soaring through the skies is a welcome sight for many, but nothing can beat the tranquil and exhilarating experience of taking to the air yourself with family and friends. Since March last year, many exciting activities have been restricted, and hot air balloon fans have…

Bristol’s top parks and gardens to explore

19/05/2021 amy Features

While well-known for its innovative industrial wonders like the Floating Harbour, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the legendary SS Brunel, the city of Bristol is also home to some of Britain’s most beautiful green spaces and gardens dedicated to nature. From botanical collections to

Top animal-spotting activities in Bristol

16/05/2021 Mark Features

With the roadmap out of lockdown underway, the opportunity to emerge from our homes and explore the world once more will no doubt be a welcome one. If you’re based in Bristol or dropping by for a city break, make sure you take some time to visit and view some…

Exploring Bristol harbour from above and below

20/04/2021 amy Features

Although it really took shape in the 1800s, Bristol Harbour was operating as far back as the 13th century. Often referred to as the “Floating Harbour” due to its constant water level, today it is a

Guide to Bristol’s tallest buildings

17/04/2021 Mark Features

If you take a ride by hot air balloon over Bristol, there are many famous landmarks to spot, from the structural genius of the Clifton Suspension Bridge to the

Why is Bristol famous for hot air balloons?

18/03/2021 amy Features

Today, Bristol has become synonymous with hot air ballooning, from its celebrated balloon manufacturers to its world-renowned fiesta event, but every legend has a story behind it. For Bristol, the celebrated relationship with balloon travel began over half a century ago, although its first recorded flight actually took place even…