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Enjoying Bath from above in a hot air balloon

28/04/2014 Jo Bailey Features

There is little doubt that the city of Bath is one of the UK’s most beautiful. It is a gem of a city, with so much to offer lovers of beauty. Located in Somerset, the city of Bath is recognised as a World Heritage Site and was once the location of a spa. People would flock to the city to take the waters and luxuriate in the hot springs.

Today, Bath no longer brings in the tourists with its hot springs, but people from all over the world still flock there for the immense beauty of the architecture and natural landscapes Bath has to offer. These are especially breath-taking when viewed from above – and even more so when viewed from the comfort of a slow moving hot air balloon.

Enjoying Bath from above in a hot air balloon is surely the most magical way to view such a beautiful city. There is something so joyous about floating above the Bath skies that hundreds of people flock there for the balloon flights every year, and they are seldom disappointed with the aerial views of outstanding landmarks they take in as they soar high in the clouds.

Bath landmarks

Perhaps, the most impressive thing about Bath is the large number of Georgian buildings within the city limits. These are spectacular enough when viewed from the ground, but when witnessed from above, in a hot air balloon, they are even more glorious. Buildings like The Circus, Royal Crescent, and Bath Academy are spectacular and often not quite what they seem. When viewed from above, one gets quite a different impression of these old buildings than from below.

The Circus, in particular, is absolutely stunning from above. Comprising 33 Palladian Houses, the Circus was designed by John Wood and built in 1754. Viewed from a hot air balloon, it is plain to see that he took his inspiration from the Coliseum in Rome.

Roman baths

Of course, you cannot visit this city without taking in the Roman Baths, which were first built in the 1st Century AD and were added to for three hundred years thereafter. The amazingly inventive drainage system the Romans designed is still in evidence when viewed from on high, and it will blow your mind.

Avon Valley

Bath is located at the bottom of the Avon Valley, which means that it is surrounded by natural beauty. Beautiful limestone hills stand alongside glistening streams and the rugged landscape of the Cotswolds, making for a beautiful natural show for hot air balloon passengers.

Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park is often the place where Bath hot air balloons are launched, but it is also a very beautiful place to explore from above. Filled with ancient trees, green spaces, and lots of people having fun, it is the perfect place to start a hot air balloon journey.

As you can see, Bath has so much to offer the hot air balloon traveller, that it would be a shame to explore the city any other way.

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