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Three great countries for hot air ballooning

27/10/2014 Jo Bailey Features

Hot air balloons are a great way to see the world, as ballooning can give you a unique perspective on the landscapes that make up an area, which simply would not be possible with many other modes of transport.

The following three countries are amongst the best for exploring from the comfort of a hot air balloon:


A popular destination for European holidaymakers, Spain is also one of the best places for hot air balloon enthusiasts to explore. The country is home to diverse landscapes, consisting of everything from seaside beaches to breathtaking mountains, which are even more stunning when viewed from above.

In particular, the Pyrenees mountain range, which is situated in between Spain and France, is a feature that begs to be explored by hot air balloon. Catalonian buildings, volcano craters, beautiful greenery and, in winter, stunning snowy mountains can all be seen on a hot air balloon ride over this region.

A flight over Madrid is also sure to be a delight. The city is home to Las Ventas, which is the largest bullring in the country, and a number of medieval squares, which will delight lovers of history and architecture.


No hot air ballooning enthusiast should go their whole life without visiting the United States. The country is home to 50 states, all of which are very different in terms of climate and geography, and that alone is enough to make it an exciting prospect for hot air balloonists. Whether you are looking for a pretty flight over a country lake or you prefer more rugged scenery, you will always find something to delight in the USA.

Temecula Valley in California is one of the most popular American hot air balloon flight destinations. It is known in the US as wine country and is home to a huge number of vineyards, producing the finest Californian wine. If deep lakes, rolling hills and imposing mountains are your thing, you won’t find a more spectacular location for your ballooning.

Another top US ballooning destination is, of course, the Rocky Mountains. Flying over this 3,000 mile North American mountain range will be a feast for your senses.

The UK

Of course, you do not have to travel far at all to have a fantastic hot air ballooning experience, as there are plenty opportunities to have an awe-inspiring hot air balloon ride right here in Great Britain. So few of us take the time to explore the amazing sights right on our doorstep, but it is well worth doing so, especially from the unique vantage point of a hot air balloon.

The Lake District, with its many meadows, lakes, mountains, and fauna, is a great place to spend some time in a hot air balloon, experiencing landscapes that will take your breath away.

If you prefer a mix of urban and rural locations, you can’t beat Bristol, where you can take in such intriguing sights as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the River Avon.

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