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US couple marry in hot air balloon

25/12/2014 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

A bride and groom recently exchanged their wedding vows in a unique hot air balloon ceremony, 2,000 feet in the sky.

Sarah and Joseph Stewart, both from Canton, Georgia, tied the knot while being witnessed only by a single friend.

The couple were forced to keep their choice of venue a secret from their loved ones right up until the last moment, because they were worried that the flight could be cancelled at any moment if the weather was not in their favour.

The couple, who met whilst at college in 2007, had to make some sacrifices in order to marry in the hot air balloon. For instance, Mrs Stewart’s dad could not watch his daughter being married, although he was on hand to give her away as she stepped into the basket.

The Stewarts were married by a military chaplain, Leslie, who is a close friend to the couple and the only person to witness their unique vows.

The couple invited their friends and loved ones to a viewing of their marriage tape the day after the wedding, since they were not able to attend the big day for themselves.

The idea for a hot air balloon ceremony was thought of by Mrs Stewart’s wedding photographer, who came up with the plan after hearing Mr Stewart planned to propose on a balloon ride.

Anyone in the UK looking to follow suit and plan a hot air balloon wedding of their own will have no difficulty in doing so, because there are plenty of hot air balloon flights in South wales, England, Scotland, and beyond.

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