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Rangers fans beg hot air balloonists for transport to Seville

12/05/2022 jenny Hot Air Balloon News

Desperate football fans took desperate measures this week to try to secure safe passage to Seville in Spain for the final of the Europa League due to take place there

New hot air balloon camping adventures released in Sweden

11/04/2022 amy Hot Air Balloon News

This month saw the launch of a brand-new hot air balloon adventure for travellers intrepid enough to voyage all the way to

Hot air balloon society to honour ballooning’s finest

11/03/2022 amy Hot Air Balloon News

The Balloon Society of Kentucky announced this month its intention to honour two of its finest and most pioneering hot air balloon pilots with a brand-new exhibition, which will detail aspects of the society’s

Daring YouTuber takes to skies for musical extravaganza

10/02/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloon News

Joe Jenkins, a 20-year-old Bristolian YouTuber famed for his musical stunts accompanied by his upright piano, recently delighted the people of Bristol and his followers by filming his latest act of bravery in a hot air balloon and taking his piano up into

Australian female hot air balloon pilot on recruitment drive

23/09/2021 Mark Hot Air Balloon News

Hot air ballooning in Australia is particularly male-dominated sport, but one Melbourne-raised female hot air balloon pilot hopes to

Hot air balloon world record smashed at Bristol Airport

26/07/2021 Mark Hot Air Balloon News

Confirming once again its reputation as the UK home of hot air ballooning, July 9 saw the city of Bristol play host to a hot air balloon world record-breaking

North Somerset to host UK’s biggest hot air balloon race

12/07/2021 amy Hot Air Balloon News

The west of England has long been associated with hot air ballooning prowess. The Exclusive Cup Balloon Race is set to consolidate this reputation this summer by hosting its iconic event in the skies of

Hot air balloon set to help save Welsh hospice

09/04/2021 amy Hot Air Balloon News

The difficulty of the past year has caused some financial difficulties for charities associated with supporting society’s most vulnerable. For one hospice charity in North Wales, the solution to its funding crisis is coming from an unusual source

Chance to Fly Around the world with Bailey Balloons & Yuup!

31/03/2021 Jo Bailey Competitions, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Bailey Balloons and Yuup announce around the world balloon adventure! Bristol-based Bailey Balloons and experiences company Yuup today announced plans to circumnavigate the world in a balloon – the Yuup Flyer – promoting Bristol on the world stage and providing a unique opportunity for two Bristol residents to join the…

Jo Bailey our MD and pilot for Bailey Balloons

07/03/2021 Jo Bailey Features, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Jo Bailey set up Bailey Balloons over 25 years ago along with her hsuband Clive Bailey and they are both Commercial balloon pilots and qualified instructors. Jo was one of four women in the U.K. to fly the larger balloons. Clive and Jo hold the altitude record from the Bristol International…