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Three uses for a hot air balloon in Bath

27/12/2014 Jo Bailey Features

When most people imagine taking a hot air balloon ride, they think of nothing more than floating over a particular area, taking in the scenery for a short while. Although this is a big part of what ballooning is about, hot air balloons in Bath can be used for so much more than this.


For example, hot air ballooning can be considered a sport, and it is possible to take part in any number of competitions and events. Hot air balloon races are particularly popular, and can be arranged at any number of destinations, including in Bath.

The most common of these is a simple race from point A to B, but there are a lot of variations on the theme, which can prove to be exciting. These include hare and hound races and fly ins, where markers have to be dropped from the balloon on to a target.

Hot air balloon rides in Bath could also be used to watch various sports taking place from a unique vantage point, if one was to time the date and time of their flight correctly. Passengers might be able to watch a sporting event, such as a Bath Rugby match, taking place as they float along, providing much more excitement than a ride on a more sedate day.

Special Events

Of course, hot air balloon rides in Bath can also be booked for more exciting circumstances, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding proposals, for which they are perfect.

Bath is a World Heritage Site, and as such, it is home to a lot of natural beauty, breath-taking scenes and native wildlife, all of which can make a special day that bit more memorable.

Ballooning companies will usually supply champagne on request, so one can pop the question or celebrate a landmark event in style, while soaring through the clouds. Guests can also take in sights as diverse as the River Avon, the historic Roman Baths, and Sydney Gardens, whilst sipping cool champagne.


Another fantastic use for a hot air balloon in Bath is photography. If you want to ensure that your photographs of the city are as unique as possible, you can’t get better than snapping away at Royal Victoria Park, Bath Abbey or Royal Crescent from a slowly floating balloon.

The unique flight paths of hot air balloons through Bath mean that you will be able to take pictures that few other people have snapped. You will be able to see the area in a whole new light, and your photos will reflect that. Just remember to take spare batteries, and film if you’re not using a digital camera, along with you, so that you can get all the shots of Bath from above that you desire.

As you can see, there are a lot of uses for a hot air balloons in Bath. You can probably think of a few more yourself, which is why there’s every reason to book a balloon ride over the city today.

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