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Getting a glimpse of Gloucester from a hot air balloon

25/01/2015 Jo Bailey Features

Gloucester is a city located in the south west of England and lies on the River Severn. The city is also surrounded by natural areas of beauty, including the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean. This makes it a popular place to live and visit.

The city was founded by the Romans in 97AD and is steeped in history. There are still plenty of historical buildings around the city, including churches such as St Mary de Crypt, which was built in the 12th Century, and remains from the Roman, Medieval, and Tudor periods.

It is sights such as these historical buildings and the natural scenery around the area that makes hot air ballooning so popular in this part of the country.

Why see Gloucester from the skies?

Whilst the city has a lot to offer on the ground, you can take in Gloucester’s sights from a new perspective when calmly drifting over both the city and its surrounding areas in a hot air balloon. It also gives you chance to see and appreciate the everyday buildings and views that you may otherwise take for granted.

Book a romantic trip

Many people from this part of the country view hot air balloon rides as an opportunity to have a romantic trip, with champagne flights available to make the journey that little more special. People have even used the opportunity of drifting through the skies with picturesque backdrops as the setting to ask that all important question to their loved ones.

However, this particular occasion doesn’t have to be the only one that you can celebrate with a hot air balloon trip around Gloucester, as they are also great for birthdays and anniversaries.

What can you expect?

Whilst travelling in a hot air balloon over Gloucester, you can be sure to see some of the wonders of the country in the form of serene landscapes. No matter what time of day you set off on your trip, there will be something to impress you, whether that is the magnificence of Gloucester Cathedral in all of its glory from above or the picturesque greenery of the Forest of Dean.

On your hot air balloon trip, you can expect to receive a friendly service, as well as a personal experience from your pilots. They will take you on a calm and relaxed journey through Gloucester, while you gaze upon panoramic views as the wind calmly pushes the balloon along.

Gloucester is one of the oldest cities in England, and is especially loved in the south west. It is also located in the centre of some of the best areas of natural beauty that the country has to offer. Those who find themselves lucky enough to be taking a trip around the area in a hot air balloon will certainly not be disappointed at some of the sights that they will take in. As such, make sure that you bring your camera, as you will no doubt be going snap happy whilst you are up in the air.

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