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Why Bath is the perfect location to fly over

27/02/2015 Jo Bailey Features

Bath is a city in south-western England that gained World Heritage Site status in 1987. The city is home to many different sporting and cultural events, as well as some famous and iconic historical buildings, meaning that tourism plays a huge role here.

More than three million people visit Bath each year, including those who come especially to take a hot air balloon ride, during which they can take in some spectacular views.

The city gained in renown during the Roman era from around 60AD, when the Roman baths and temple spas were built. This legacy was continued into the Georgian period, when the settlement became a spa town.

A historian’s paradise

With a past that stretches back this far, Bath is a historian’s dream. Many like to get up close and personal with some of the country’s oldest buildings, whereas some like to step back to take in all of their glory. It is not unusual to see people taking a hot air balloon ride to spot these iconic historical landmarks.

However, which landmarks can be seen from the skies of Bath?

The Royal Crescent

One of the most well known features of Bath is the iconic Royal Crescent. This is a row of 30 terraced houses that are set out in a semi-circular layout. They were built between 1767 and 1774, and are a prime example of Georgian architecture. These houses now have Grade I building status.

Outside of this structure is a ‘ha-ha’, a specially designed sunken wall that creates a vertical barrier without hindering views. This is one of the easiest things to spot from a hot air balloon, and something that everyone looks for during their flight. The Circus is a similar landmark to the Royal Crescent, which is also frequently sought after.

Bath Abbey

The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is another iconic historical building in Bath. The Abbey was originally built in the seventh century, but has since undergone a series of rebuilds and restorations throughout the centuries.

This is another Grade I-listed building in the city and has a capacity of 1,200 for religious services. The Abbey provides a stunning view for those taking a hot air balloon ride, as balloonists can appreciate the Gothic architecture from a restoration in the medieval era.

Pulteney Bridge

Although it is primarily known as a historical city, Bath can still provide visitors with more natural views. The River Avon passes through the community and can provide a beautiful backdrop, especially on a sunny day. Meanwhile, the Pulteney Bridge can be seen from afar whilst flying over the river and is a favourite amongst ballooners.

As well as the river, Bath boasts a series of parks that also provide some great scenery. Sydney Gardens and the Royal Victoria Park are two prime examples of this.

With stunning scenery and iconic landmarks, it is no wonder that Bath is a popular destination for people to enjoy a calm and relaxing hot air balloon ride.

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