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Tel Aviv to get huge hot air balloon

26/03/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

An Israeli city is set to have its very own giant hot air balloon, which will make it one of only 50 in the world to do so.

The large balloon will enable passengers to get a bird’s eye view of Tel Aviv and its surrounding area.

The massive TLV Balloon landed in Israel early in March. It is 75 metres in diameter and is capable of reaching heights of around 393 feet. Not only that, but unlike standard hot air balloons, which can only carry a few passengers at a time, this craft can take 30 passengers up into the air at once.

Due to the size of the hot air balloon, it is actually categorised as an aircraft, which means that the balloon’s pilots must undergo specialist training that has been approved by the nation’s Civil Aviation Authority.

This training will take place at Yehoshua Gardens in the city, which also happens to be the landing spot of the hot air balloon.

It is thought that a ride in the TLV Balloon will cost NIS 75, roughly £12.50, for adults and around £11 for children.

Rides in the balloon will last for 12 minutes, fitting in an aerial tour of Tel Aviv with a pilot who will point out interesting spots and information along the way.

Of course, there is no need to travel to Tel Aviv for a ballooning experience, as balloon rides in Taunton, London and Bath can be just as interesting.

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