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Ballooning around Bath: wider perspectives

31/03/2015 Jo Bailey Features

Going on a hot air balloon trip from Bath can be a remarkable experience. Even a couple of hours spent above the city of Bath can give someone special views of the historic place. However, not everybody appreciates the fact that what can be seen outside the city can seem really beautiful. On a clear day, the rural views that can be obtained from a balloon in the vicinity of Bath can make a journey into a particularly memorable one. The lack of appreciation for this point is perhaps because of the architecture and character of the city itself.

The strong offer of Bath

As a Georgian city, Bath does look impressive from the air. The presence of the Royal Victoria Park sets some of the buildings off nicely. In particular, the Royal Crescent and the Royal Crescent Hotel may catch the eye of intrepid individuals who choose to go ballooning in the area.

It is quite possible for someone to imagine they are looking down on a Jane Austen novel when they soar above Pulteney Bridge. This structure, completed back in 1774, spans the River Avon. Although the bridge has been damaged several times, a lot of work has been put in to ensure it looks like it used to.

The excitement of the city

The buzz of Bath also has the potential to make people less likely to focus on the rural landscape. When somebody is ballooning above the city, they can easily start thinking about the regular events that help to make it an interesting place to visit for many tourists. It might be the farmers’ market at the weekend that proves distracting, or it could be the prospect of purchasing an antique. The possible problem of relaxing above a dramatic spot is perhaps an enviable dilemma to have. It could make sense to let go of such thoughts and look around.

The splendour of the Cotswolds

Not every balloon flight will necessarily head over the Cotswolds, but those in a balloon that drifts in that direction are in for a treat. The attractive villages and undulating hills should look superb on a fine day. In addition, the distinctive local stone is sometimes viewed as playing a role in making the landscape a visual treat.

Identifying settlements in the area can be a fun activity. This pleasure may be enhanced because of unusual place names. Spotting Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter, or either of the Rissingtons, could be the icing on the cake.

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