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98-year-old takes to the skies in hot air balloon

02/07/2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

Proving that you are never too old for adventure, 98-year-old Hazel Green, who is from Weybridge, impressed one Ebernoe hot air balloon pilot when she took to the skies over the South Downs.

Hazel took the flight over picturesque areas, including the Cowdray Ruins and Petworth Park, where the deer roam free, along with her daughter Celia, who is 73-years-old, and Celia’s daughter Imogen, who is 43.

Hazel was the oldest passenger her pilot Graeme had ever taken up in a hot air balloon, beating his past record of piloting a 92-year-old.

Speaking to the Chichester Observer he said:

“It was amazing to think her daughter came with her and she was 73. We had beautiful visibility this morning with clear view of the South Downs and the Isle of Wight… I put Hazel in the basket so she came upright as the balloon was inflated and then lifted her out at the end.”

Once the flight was over, Hazel celebrated with a glass or two of champagne along with her daughter Celia Andrews, who described the hot air balloon ride as a “perfect day”.

She said:

“My mother is very adventurous and loves being the centre of attention. For the last two years she has been going on about doing a balloon flight so the whole family clubbed in to send her up.”

Hazel has proved to everyone that you are never too old for a hot air balloon ride. Gloucester, Taunton and Bristol all have excellent hot air balloon companies, who offer rides to people of all ages.

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