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How to make the most of a Bristol staycation

06/07/2015 Jo Bailey Features

When a city has a unique identity like Bristol, the first-time tourist does not always know where to begin if they want to have a special holiday there. The city in South West England has a genuine buzz about it these days, in part because its residents have created a distinctive atmosphere.

The local enthusiasm for music, events, art and cooking has given the place a considerable appeal. This has only been heightened by its acquisition of European Green Capital status. In addition, hosting events like the Bristol International Balloon Festival has given the city another dimension, making a staycation here a prime choice.

Culture matters

It is not always easy for tourists who stay in places for short periods to get to know a destination’s culture, although Bristol is very welcoming. As such, they will benefit from engaging in quite a wide range of activities. Doing something out of the ordinary, like taking a balloon trip, can give someone a fresh perspective on Bristol. There is something romantic about ballooning, making it an astute choice for couples, while it will definitely give them something to discuss.

Sightseeing is a great idea

Clearly, checking out the sights is a pleasurable activity when there are many different things to observe. In Bristol, tourists will find it hard to get bored due to the plethora of buildings and the diversity of the entertainment on offer. The various docks and bridges also lend a considerable amount of interest to the experience.

Get an overview

Most buildings that look stunning on the ground can have an additional wow factor when seen from above. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a typical example. It has been Grade I-listed, and from a balloon it is possible to see why this decision was made. This structure, which was opened back in 1864, has fascinated the public for decades. It even has a centre for visitors in the nearby woods. Seeing the toll bridge from above is also a great way of appreciating the skilled work that went it to it.

Listen up

To get the most out of a staycation, it is a shrewd move to listen carefully to what local people have to say about the city. In this case, you could get to know the quirks of the local dialect, but it is well worth it. The residents will also appreciate it if tourists have their own Bristol tales to tell. Talking about the experience of an exciting balloon trip may be one way of showing somebody that their city is mutually appreciated.

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