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Romance And Hot Air Ballooning

10/02/2016 Jo Bailey News

Paris is the birthplace of Hot Air Ballooning, and is said to be the most romantic city in the world! Flying in a Hot Air Balloon and romance go hand-in-hand – Bailey Balloons Chief Pilot Clive Bailey proposed to Jo (director of Bailey Balloons) on a hot air balloon flight over Bath, and they even left their wedding from Thornbury Castle in a hot air balloon!



Jo Bailey in her wedding dress & boots!










At Bailey Balloons, we have been lucky enough to be a part of many special moments for our passengers, including proposals, Champagne flights to celebrate anniversaries and even wedding hot air ballooning. So, as Valentine’s day approaches, we have been remembering some of the happy couples we have flown across the beautiful landscapes of Bristol, Bath and South Wales.

Previous passengers taking part in a balloon flight as a special way to celebrate their anniversary have flown from their hotel or from one of our local launch sites, and have described their romantic flights as a “truly indescribable experience” and “an amazing way to celebrate a special occasion”

“the whole experience was truly magical” remembers one couple after a particularly lovely evening flight over Bath in celebration of their special anniversary.

Bailey Balloons specialise in providing a personalised, friendly Hot Air Ballooning experience. In addition to our scheduled flights, we can arrange exclusive balloon flights for two for an intimate and romantic flying experience. A balloon flight which transports the newly married bride and groom makes for a magical exit from a wedding or reception. 

Tethered hot air balloons are also very popular and make beautiful focal points for wedding guests and they can enjoy a short ‘flight’ too. A Champagne Hot Air Balloon flight also makes a beautiful wedding gift, for either the happy couple, or as a thank you present for Parents of the Bride/Bridesmaids/Groomsmen.

We currently have spaces available on our Valentine’s Day Hot Air Balloon flights from Bristol & Bath.  Scheduled balloon flights and exclusive flights for two are also available throughout our flying season.



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