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Russian adventurer visits Bristol balloon factory

11/02/2016 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

Fedor Konyukhov visited the Cameron Balloons factory in Bristol ahead of his bid to set a new world record for

travelling around the globe in a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloon rides in Bristol are something of a local institution because world famous balloon manufacturer Cameron Balloons is right on the doorstep, and the famous factory recently got a visit from the Russian adventurer.

Konyukhov stopped by the factory on 2nd February to take a peek at the hot air balloon the company is specially manufacturing for him. The multiple record breaker is hoping that he will be able to beat the current world record of 15 days, which is presently held by American balloonist Steve Fossett.

The Russian will be using a huge balloon and basket in his world record breaking attempt, which is being made for him at the well-known Bristol factory.

Once the balloon is inflated, it will measure 52m high, which is the same height as the iconic leaning tower of Pisa. It will also be as wide as two double-decker buses. The balloon’s basket measures 2.2m high and 1.6m wide, and will be home to Konyukhov during his round the world trip.

The basket will also house all of the balloon’s control systems, including his oxygen supplies, navigational instruments and flight communications. As well as this, it will also have sleeping space, food and water supplies and life-saving equipment.

The basket will also be able to act as a life raft should anything go wrong, and if Konyukhov needs to make an emergency landing on water.

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