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Mass hot air balloon wedding in Latvia

24/02/2016 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

Anyone lucky enough to have been in the Latvian city of Jekabplis on Valentine’s Day would have been treated to the spectacular sight of 30 hot air balloons in the sky.

In a bid to set the world record for the number of simultaneous hot air balloon weddings, no less than 50 Latvian couples took to the sky to ties the knot, in 30 hot air balloons.

The romantic spectacle took place as part of the Love Cup festival, which takes place near Jekabplis in the southeast of Latvia. The rather unusual weddings were watched by thousands of spectators, but since the weather was snowy, the balloons could not take full flight, being instead tied to cars, which meant that they were only able to rise to about 15 feet.

A Guinness book of World Records representative was on hand to observe the event, something which is a requirement when anyone is trying to break a world record, as they must be there to officially witness and make judgement about the attempt.

However, it is not clear whether this particular event would qualify for an entry into the world famous record book as the largest hot air balloon wedding to date.

Hot air balloon proposals have long been a popular way to pop the question, but hot air balloon weddings are somewhat rarer. Anyone who is looking to utilise a hot air balloon flight as part of their proposal will find hot air balloon rides in South Wales, Swindon, Bath and beyond.

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