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Once blind American teen gets to see hot air balloons again

25/07/2016 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

A Wisconsin teenager recently attended the Waterford Balloon Festival after fearing that she may never get to see a hot air balloon again.

Hannah Manche, who is from River Falls, suffers from the rare condition, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. This has caused her to lose her sight and skin temporarily, causing her chronic pain.

Just five years ago, the senior in High School was worried that she would never see again, making her visit to the popular hot air balloon event all the sweeter. Hannah did not know if she would live when she was struck down with the rare condition, which is thought to affect only one person in a million. Unfortunately, the teen was affected by toxic epidermal necrolysis, which proves fatal to half the people who suffer from it.

Luckily, Hannah, who’s body came under attack from the syndrome when she was in the seventh grade, causing her to lose her hair, skin and nails, as well as her sight, pulled though and is now doing well.

It was around 18 months into her illness that her mother, Kathy, sent Hannah’s story to Wishes and More – a non-profit organisation that grants the wishes of children suffering from terminal or chronic illnesses.

As a result, Hannah got to realise one of her wishes by being treated to an exciting hot air balloon ride above the trees of Waterford.

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