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Ballooning history commemorated in Hertfordshire monument

26/07/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

The quiet hamlet of Standon Green End in Hertfordshire is the unlikely home to one of the most significant monuments to England’s ballooning history – the spot where the first hot air balloon flight

International Women’s Day 8th March 2022!

06/03/2022 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, Features, Hot Air Balloon History, Hot Air Balloon Stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are looking back at some of the most influential women in hot air ballooning. As far back as the late 1700s women have been involved in hot air ballooning. After the Montgolfier brothers demonstrated the first ever tethered flight with humans on board in…

Akagera welcomes new hot air balloon adventure rides

24/02/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

Akagera National Park is the jewel in the crown of the Rwandan tourist experience. The largest protected wetland in Central Africa, Akagera is home to lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and black rhinos, amongst other endangered species. This month, the Rwanda Development Board announced a brand-new addition to this tourist experience…

Birthday ballooning for war veteran

24/08/2021 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

A World War II veteran experienced a dream come true as he took to the skies for a hot air balloon adventure in

Chance to Fly Around the world with Bailey Balloons & Yuup!

31/03/2021 Jo Bailey Competitions, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Bailey Balloons and Yuup announce around the world balloon adventure! Bristol-based Bailey Balloons and experiences company Yuup today announced plans to circumnavigate the world in a balloon – the Yuup Flyer – promoting Bristol on the world stage and providing a unique opportunity for two Bristol residents to join the…

Jo Bailey our MD and pilot for Bailey Balloons

07/03/2021 Jo Bailey Features, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Jo Bailey set up Bailey Balloons over 25 years ago along with her hsuband Clive Bailey and they are both Commercial balloon pilots and qualified instructors. Jo was one of four women in the U.K. to fly the larger balloons. Clive and Jo hold the altitude record from the Bristol International…

Albuquerque aviation experts turn talents to hot air balloons

24/02/2021 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

The current COVID-19 crisis has had serious implications for the aviation industry. Fewer people are travelling by plane for business or pleasure, and international travel is still prohibited or severely restricted in

Footballer’s ballooning career immortalised in film

10/02/2021 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

This month sees the TV release of a brand-new hot air ballooning film called “Balloon Man”, which tells the tale of former NFL player Bill Costen’s journey to become the world’s

Hot air balloons to give boost to space tourism

29/06/2020 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

Space Perspectives, a USA-based space tourist company, announced last week that it was reviving plans to take tourists to space. This time, the

Hot air balloon photography helps unravel Stonehenge mystery

28/04/2020 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

The famous standing stones in Wiltshire have been baffling people for centuries and it is thanks to aerial photos from a hot air balloon that some of these questions have been answered.