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101-year-old lady takes hot air balloon flight

13/09/2016 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

Gladys Brown proved that age is no barrier to having a good time, when she ascended the skies of Boulder County in a hot air balloon.

Gladys, who is from Louisville, embarked on the unique journey in honour of her sister, and in order to cross the experience off of her bucket list.

Brown, who is 101-year old and lives at the Balfour Retirement Community in the U.S., is something of a daredevil, having once served in the U.S. Navy, and only last year, the centenarian took to the skies in a completely different vehicle – a WWII fighter plane.

Her journey began at the break of dawn on 8th September. She had the idea to take a hot air balloon flight whilst talking about a move to a different residence in the Lafayette area, which is due to take place later in the month.

One of Gladys’ nurses, Jody Elliot, who accompanied her on the hot air balloon, along with another nurse, flight told Daily Camera:

“I was talking to Gladys one day about whether there was anything left (on her wish list) and I said, how about a hot air balloon ride?”

Showing her spirit and lust for life, Gladys said:

“It was offered to me. I had never done it. I said, ‘Why not?”

If you’ve been inspired by Gladys’ flight, there are plenty of opportunities to take hot air balloon rides in Bath, Bristol and beyond.

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