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Bristol to build world’s biggest hot air balloon

24/10/2016 philip Hot Air Balloon Stories

The world’s largest hot air balloon is set to be made in Bristol, as the city’s own Cameron Balloons teams up with Fedor Konyukhov – the Russian adventurer who recently broke the world record for travelling the globe single handily in a hot air balloon.

The celebrated 64-year old adventurer sought the help of Bristol-based balloon manufacturers shortly after smashing the world record this year. Konyukhov, who is also an ordained priest of the orthodox tradition, plans to fly into the stratosphere in this hot air balloon.

Due to the fact that at 70,000 feet, the air is extremely thin, a balloon that is able to lift Konyukhov to the stratosphere will need to be roughly 30 times larger than a regular hot air balloon.

Cameron Balloons is one of the world’s best known hot air balloon manufacturers, and it was instrumental in launching the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. It was also involved in creating the balloon that Konyukhov used to circumnavigate the globe.

Always up for a new challenge, Konyukhov is already preparing for his descent. He told The Bristol Post:

“I always dreamt of being an astronaut, I became a balloon pilot instead but I still hold the dream of seeing the curve of the planet beneath me and the black sky of the cosmos above.”

His next flight, in the world’s biggest hot air balloon, is set to take place in one years’ time if the event organisers can acquire the £700,000 required for the expedition.

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