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Three things you can do for free in Bath

01/02/2017 philip Tourism

A lot of people think that because bath is a World Heritage site with a lot of impressive architecture, it must be an expensive place to visit, but it is perfectly possible to have fun in the city for free. Here are just some of the totally free things you can do in Bath:

Sign up for the city’s Discovery card, which will entitle you to free entry into the Roman Baths

Visit the Holburne Museum and Victoria Art Gallery

It is possible to visit both of these great cultural institutions for free, if you stick to their permeant exhibitions, which include works from Turner, amongst others. You can easily spend a whole day lost in the absorbing worlds of art and history if you take up this fantastic offer.

Take a walking tour of Bath

Free guided walking tours of the city, which are hosted by experienced guides, are available daily in the city and will take you to Bath’s most important sites, such as Bath Abbey. However, you could always do away with the formalities and go on your own magical mystery tour of the city.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you could always opt for an exciting hot air ballooning experience in Bath, which will let you explore the sites from the sky.

The Roman Baths

If you’re a regular in Bath, you may want to sign up for the city’s Discovery card, which will entitle you to free entry into the city’s famed Roman Baths, at any time of the year. You’ll also get free access to the Bath Fashion Museum.


If you’re planning a trip to Bath later in the year, why not take a Balloon Ride from Royal Victoria Park?! With its stunning Georgian architecture Bath is an excellent City to see from above. Prices start from just £110 per person!

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