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English Tourism Week 2022: What balloon rides offer

21/03/2022 philip Tourism

English Tourism Week got underway last Friday and continues until March 27. The 10 days are intended to celebrate the economic and social value of the tourism industry to the country and emphasise its

Three hot air balloon experiences in Summer 2022

17/02/2022 philip Tourism

A flight in a hot air balloon offers an experience like no other; a chance to float high above beautiful landscapes while feeling the breeze on your face. It will allow you to

Northern Lights flight encounter offers new ballooning experience

25/02/2020 philip Tourism

This month saw the launch of a new tourist venture in northernmost Swedish Lapland. For the first time, visitors to the region will be able to experience the

Turkish economy receives boost thanks to locally made hot air balloons

26/11/2019 philip Tourism

This month saw the launch of a brand new hot air balloon enterprise in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, and the maiden voyage of

Bath encounters with a difference: what to do on your trip to the West Country

23/04/2019 philip Tourism

The historic roman city of Bath has been attracting visitors for centuries. For a small place, it is packed with exciting and unusual activities to delight the whole family. A historic UNESCO treasure Originally named Aqua Sulis, or Sulis’s Water after its famous waters by the Romans who settled in…

Make a hot air balloon ride the highlight of your romantic Bath weekend

26/11/2018 philip Tourism

The historic city of Bath is ones of Britain’s best loved tourist destinations, and is also a favourite destination to enjoy a romantic weekend.

Make a hot air balloon ride the highlight of your Bath romantic weekend

22/01/2018 philip Tourism

Bath is in many ways the perfect location for a romantic weekend. There are some outstanding places to stay and eat, the historic buildings are stunning and there are plenty of parks to wander in. If you want to make a

Seven sights you might see on a hot air balloon ride over Bath

07/08/2017 philip Tourism

A hot air balloon ride over Bath is an exhilarating and exciting experience featuring breathtaking bird’s eye views of the

A guide to romantic Bath

17/05/2017 philip Tourism

The city of Bath is one of Britain’s top tourist destinations, and of course the perfect city for a romantic break. Here are some ideas for how to make your Bath romantic break special for both you and your

Enjoy some of Bath’s most unusual experiences

26/04/2017 philip Tourism

Many people visit Bath to see its famous attractions, the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey. However, if you are looking for a more unusual experience or something more adventurous, here are some alternate experiences to be enjoyed in the Bath area. The Chocolate Experience Chocoholics should book…