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Bath is the UK’s number one feel-good city

01/03/2017 philip Tourism

According to website thenationalstudent.com, in a recent survey Bath was named the top feel-good city. Respondents of the survey said that they felt more relaxed in the city than other UK tourist destinations. Many said that “Bath makes me feel happier.”

Walking around Bath’s streets is a relaxing experience, but perhaps the best way to see the city and also increase your sense of feeling good is through a hot air ballooning experience. Bath has lots of features that you will be able to appreciate from the air.

The Royal Crescent is one of Bath’s iconic scenes. It contains 30 large terraced houses laid out in a crescent shape and has featured in many film and television productions.

Next to the Crescent is the Circus, which consists of Grade 1 listed townhouses that are arranged in a circular shape. The Circus is an example of inspired and stunning architecture.

Pulteney Bridge is one of Europe’s most impressive bridges. Like the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, it contains rows of shops.

Holburne Museum is a Grade 1 listed building which was originally a grand hotel with large surrounding gardens. It is now a museum and art gallery.

No hot air balloon flight over the centre of Bath is complete with the sight of the famous Roman Baths and the impressive Abbey that is next door to it.

After your hot air balloon flight is over and your feet are on the ground again, try relaxing in one of Bath’s many bars and restaurants. This will make you feel good.

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