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Taking time to appreciate Bath’s churches

05/03/2017 philip Tourism

Bath has a rich Christian heritage, which is reflected in a number of impressive church buildings. Perhaps the most interesting way to appreciate the beauty of Bath’s city centre churches is to book a hot air ballooning experience in Bath so that you can get a bird’s eye view of them.

The most spectacular church in the city is Bath Abbey, which is a superb building featuring stained glass windows, honey-gold stone columns and a fine example of fan vaulting. The site has been a centre of Christian worship for more than 1,200 years.

The view of St. John’s Church tall Gothic spire from a hot air balloon is unique. The walls of the church are constructed from local stone and there are stained glass rose windows.

St. Mary’s church was built in 1881. Its design was influenced by the decorated style of the 14th Century. It features detailed carvings of angels, birds, flowers and the Green Man.

Another church with an impressive spire is St. Michael’s Without. It was the first church to be built outside of the original city walls and designed in the Early English Gothic style. The church opened in 1837.

Manvers Street Baptist Church is another Gothic inspired church. Though not as impressive a building as Bath Abbey or St. John’s Church, it is an interesting Gothic structure with a small spire.

When flying above Bath in a hot air balloon pay particular attention to the numerous churches you can see from high in the sky.

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